Book of the Year and Reading at Millfield

For those of you who have been following the Book of the Year Competition  which has been featured before on this blog, will know that the final four books (see 26th September posting) have been chosen by the judging panel Book of the yearof Libby Lethbridge, Sam Foot, Rodolpho Estrada and Flora McKaig  

Next Tuesday, February 26t,h, they will be convening to chose the final winner which will become Millfield’s Book of the Year.

Mr Trevis Addresses the Governors’ Education sub-committee

On Thursday Mr.Trevis will be addressing the Governors’ Education sub-committee on the place of reading at Millfield. The committee will be looking at the role of reading throughout all the Millfield schools including the prep and pre-prep schools.This follows on from the year 9 reading survey which was conducted earlier in the term and will lead on to the reading forum involving staff, students, parents and a governor on Tuesday March 12th.

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It’s International Day on Friday and the Chance to win a Blackberry Bold!

French Pastries In Paris  On Friday the whole school will be celebrating our International

English: Basil salmon terrine Français : Terri...

Students by holding a day long Festival  where many aspects of Millfield life will have an International flavour. This will include a day of mufti dress, music, flags, breakfast, lunch, dancing, singing, acting and even lessons with an International Theme.  The whole day will culminate in an evening lecture by an inspirational speaker who has lived with Eskimos and

English: Traditional Maasai Dance Kenya 2005

Maasai warriors, a drinks reception, a dinner and finally a catwalk show where students can display their International costumes.  

To celebrate this wonderful day, the Library will be hosting the following competitions:

Wednesday: The Flags Quiz  flags Quiz International festival day Flags

Thursday:  The Landmarks Quiz landmarks International festival day

landmarks International festival day

Friday: The People Quiz People International festival day quiz People International festival day quiz

Complete all three quizzes to win the chance to own a Blackberry Bold

WIND branded Blackberry Bold 9700

It costs a £1 to enter the quiz and all entry forms are available in the Library and completed forms should be handed in to a member of the Library staff or put in the special quiz box.

Special Book Display in the Library

To complete this special day a “Come Away With Me” book display has been created next to the issue desk and contains such titles as:

The Joyluck Club – Alice WalkerInternational Books

Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer

The Shadow of the Sun – Ryszard Kapuscinski

Dark Ruby – Zoe Schramm-Evans

The Last King of Scotland  – Giles Foden

Crossing the Desert of Death – Charles Blackmore

There are many more books on International cuisine, poetry etc to be found elsewhere in the Library.

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Message from the English Department – “Just Who is the Muse?”

The Muse aYou may have heard rumours of  him/her or had a close encounter of the Muse kind but one thing is certain that everyone in the English Department is talking about The Muse.

Many writers, poets, artists and musicians have been inspired by an individual they refer to as their Muse. Such a creature lurks within the Millfield community and there is much speculation about the identity of this creative and much respected individual. Cast your vote to identify The Muse by clicking on the  following image.Muse c >>>>>

The Muse has set task #3 for January and February – Interview a Fictional Character.There is a wonderful prize of £15 itunes voucher for the task deemed to be the most creative. ” You will also gain the respect and trust of The Muse, which is, of course, of infinite value.”

Muse d

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Who Was Richard III?

Pic RichardFollowing the identification of the bones found beneath the site of a car  park in Leicester being those of Richard III, the life of this controversial King is in the news. Was he the villian portrayed by Shakespeare or was he more of a benevolent king? Was he really behind the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower or was it a plot hatched to discredit him? The remains certainly indicate some truths.  He did have a curved spine caused by the degenerative disease scoliosis, which experts believe developed during teenage years. However, there was no indication of a withered arm. He died of horrific injuries inflicted during his final battle and after his death which tells us that although he was slight in stature and must have been in pain owing to the strain caused by the  curvature of his spine, his was in the thick of the fighting.

Mrs Upton has created a small display in the Library outlining the facts of the discovery of the bones and the controversy surrounding Richard III. She has found some interesting books which will allow you to form your own opinions. Here is a sample of those available for you to borrow:

Princes in the Tower The Red QueenRichard III

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New DVD – “Now is Good” based on the book “Before I Die”

Before I Die by Jenny Downham is a popluar novel and was frequently borrowed by Library users a few monthBEfore I dies ago. It has now been made into the film “Now is Good” and is available as a DVD from the Library. Open this link to view a trailer and read more about the film which stars Dakota Fanning (The Twilight Saga) and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse). Based in Brighton, Tessa is a teenager diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She lists the 10 things she wants to do before she dies and then races against time to achieve them.  The list becomes more progressively mature as she races through it and appreciates the people who love her.

Now is GoodThe film has been met with mixed reviews but the general consensus seems to be it is a real romantic weepie with some strong performances. Be prepared to have your emotional buttons pressed.

It’s well worth reading the book first before watching the film.

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Hilary Mantel Wins Costa Book Award

Hilary Mantel

Pronounced by the judges to be “head and shoulders” above the other contenders and was “quite simply the best book”, Hilary Mantel’s book won her the Costa Book prize of £30,000. The novel, “Bring Up the Bodies” is about Thomas Cromwell and the down fall of Anne Boleyn and plays to the author’s strengths. She said she was “not going to apologise” for winning both the Booker and the Costa prizes as for years she was always a runner-up.

Dame Jenni Murray, one of the judges said it had been “very difficult” to judge because the shortlisted books spanned five very different categories – poetry, children’s, biography, first novel and novel. The judges did not let the fact Hilary Mantel had already won the Booker because her novel was simply the best. Dame Jenni went on the say

“[Mantel’s] prose is so poetic, it’s so beautiful, it’s so set in its time, so you know exactly where you are and who you are with.

“But it’s also incredibly modern, her analysis of the politics is so modern and everybody found there were things that just stuck in their minds that they would think about for a very long time.”

All five shortlisted writers detailed in a previous blog received £5,000 each.

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Holocaust Memorial Day Display

Sunday 27 January was Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2013 set up  to remember those communities which were destroyed during the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution and the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. For further information and stories click here

Come into the Library to see  the display Mrs Wallis has created which includes, books, poetry, information and images.

Hol Display

Borrow some of the books:

  • The Diary of Anne Frank
  • The Promise and Eva’s Story by Eva Schloss – visitor to the school and subject of earlier blog
  • Thura’s Diary by Thura Al-Windawi (war torn Baghdad)
  • Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay
  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne
  • Once and Then by Morris Gleitzman 

Read some of the Poetry


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