Year 9 Library Induction – The Body in the Library

Who has Murdered Mr Cooper?

“When we opened the Library this morning the  body of Mr Cooper was found sprawled across the chairs on the lower deck. How had he died and who was responsible? Did he have enemies within the school? Was someone jealous of him?” Thus begins the Library induction for year 9 pupils and for the remainder of the term  they will be coming to the Library during an English lesson to solve the mystery using Library Resources. Students will search online information databases, the Library catalogue, books, the internet, Frog VLE and other resources. Questions will be posed and the first letter of each answer, once unscrambled, will provide a name of the culprit and the method used. This ever popular activity provides a lively and informative introduction to Library  for the youngest students in the school.

Don’t worry. No harm came to Mr Cooper in the making of this induction


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