Extended Project Qualifications Presentation Evening

Students from the sixth form, who have been researching for an EPQ, gave an evening of presentations last week which exhibited clearly the amount of independent learning they had undertaken and the varied skills they had acquired during the course of their studies.

Each presentation was followed by questions from the audience resulting in some very lively sessions.

“How Do You Choose a Cricket Bat” was a popular topic and the presenter using a cricket bat and  good humour, demonstrated the essentials which need to be considered.  A more sombre question of “Should it be Legal for Doctors to Assist the ‘Suicide’ of patients with ALS in the UK?” was delivered very professionally and with the required gravitas. After a short silence, clearly demonstrating the impact of the presentation, the audience was able to ask some very thought provoking questions. On a lighter note,  “Why was Apple’s iPhone Successful Despite a Global Recession?” outlined the pros and cons of a very successful company. Although the speaker informed the audience from the beginning that he was biased towards Apple, a very balanced view was given. Returning to the ever popular cricketing theme, a very well structured presentation was given to a potentially incomprehensible subject of cricket rankings – “Are England the Best Cricket Team in the World (The Maths Behind the Cricket Rankings)” By creating his own ranking table, the speaker was able to demonstrate all the different elements which need to be taken into account when trying to establish which country has the best cricket team. The evening finished on the controversial subject  of “Is Singapore’s Death Penalty a Necessary Deterrent  to Ensure the Reduction in Drug Abuse?” The speaker, a resident of Singapore attending a school in the UK, was able to give perspectives from two cultures and concluded that although harsh, the Death Penalty is instrumental in reducing drug crime in Singapore.



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