New DVD – “Now is Good” based on the book “Before I Die”

Before I Die by Jenny Downham is a popluar novel and was frequently borrowed by Library users a few monthBEfore I dies ago. It has now been made into the film “Now is Good” and is available as a DVD from the Library. Open this link to view a trailer and read more about the film which stars Dakota Fanning (The Twilight Saga) and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse). Based in Brighton, Tessa is a teenager diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She lists the 10 things she wants to do before she dies and then races against time to achieve them.  The list becomes more progressively mature as she races through it and appreciates the people who love her.

Now is GoodThe film has been met with mixed reviews but the general consensus seems to be it is a real romantic weepie with some strong performances. Be prepared to have your emotional buttons pressed.

It’s well worth reading the book first before watching the film.


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