Who Was Richard III?

Pic RichardFollowing the identification of the bones found beneath the site of a car  park in Leicester being those of Richard III, the life of this controversial King is in the news. Was he the villian portrayed by Shakespeare or was he more of a benevolent king? Was he really behind the disappearance of the Princes in the Tower or was it a plot hatched to discredit him? The remains certainly indicate some truths.  He did have a curved spine caused by the degenerative disease scoliosis, which experts believe developed during teenage years. However, there was no indication of a withered arm. He died of horrific injuries inflicted during his final battle and after his death which tells us that although he was slight in stature and must have been in pain owing to the strain caused by the  curvature of his spine, his was in the thick of the fighting.

Mrs Upton has created a small display in the Library outlining the facts of the discovery of the bones and the controversy surrounding Richard III. She has found some interesting books which will allow you to form your own opinions. Here is a sample of those available for you to borrow:

Princes in the Tower The Red QueenRichard III


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