Message from the English Department – “Just Who is the Muse?”

The Muse aYou may have heard rumours of  him/her or had a close encounter of the Muse kind but one thing is certain that everyone in the English Department is talking about The Muse.

Many writers, poets, artists and musicians have been inspired by an individual they refer to as their Muse. Such a creature lurks within the Millfield community and there is much speculation about the identity of this creative and much respected individual. Cast your vote to identify The Muse by clicking on the  following image.Muse c >>>>>

The Muse has set task #3 for January and February – Interview a Fictional Character.There is a wonderful prize of £15 itunes voucher for the task deemed to be the most creative. ” You will also gain the respect and trust of The Muse, which is, of course, of infinite value.”

Muse d


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